UV-C Sanitizer Bag

UV-C Sanitizer Bag

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  • Long-life UV bulbs for maximal disinfection. The UV sanitizer bag box contains 12 bulbs with the lifespan up to 10.000 hours. They provide ultraviolet irradiation that kills 99% of bacteria.
  • The comfortable use due to the USB-cable charging. The UV sanitize bag that provides high-level disinfection contains the USB input port and can be plugged in the power bank, PC, and other charging units.
  • Suitable for high-grade sterilization of different objects. The UV light sanitizer box is capacious that allows disinfecting hand-held things like keys, purses, face masks, and larger objects (underwear, toys, clothing, etc.).
  • The UV bag sterilizer is safe for use. The UVC leak is excluded by the design of the box and the built-in battery aluminum-film coverage. The disinfection bag has an automated stoppage option when the user opens it.
  • The convenient design of the LED UVC sterilizer box. There are two zippers to close the bag. The disinfection starts in one click and lasts several minutes. It is easy to use the UV bag at home, while traveling, and simply outdoors.
  • Convenient and safe payment method(CC/PayPal and others), USPS 1-4 days delivery within the USA.Also, 1 year warranty and 24/7 customer support.

If you are searching for the large sanitizing unit, meet the capacious UV bag that allows disinfecting any necessary object. People need to protect their health and care about their family members. The UV sanitizer bag with ozone technology is a must for everyday use. According to the latest studies and laboratory testing, this disinfection unit removes up to 99.9% bacteria from any surface. Use portable and extra-large UV sanitizer bag to do away with hostile microorganisms such as:

  • fungus;
  • dust and allergens;
  • infections;
  • viruses, and other microbes.

The UV-C bag looks like a simple fabric container with a large capacity. Inside this disinfection unit, there are 12 LED UV lamps that provide needful illumination for qualitative and safe sterilization. The sanitizing process is safe due to the bag’s well-thought design. The built-in battery is protected by the aluminum film and located at the top of the container. It is charged with the help of the USB cable that should be plugged into the PC, power bank, or other charging items.

The way of disinfection is very easy. If you want to sterilize clothes, accessories, kitchen utensils, kids’ toys and bottles, it can be done in 3 minutes. Pick sides with the objects that need disinfection. Open the bag and put them inside. Do not forget to zip the bag before starting the sanitizing session. Switch on the electric power through the USB cable. Now, wait for 3 minutes. The disinfection will stop automatically. Draw out absolutely clean things and use them risk-free.

The portable UV disinfection bag should become your reliable assistant in a bid for healthy living. Sterilize all the essential things and improve your health this way. The sanitizing session will take several minutes only. Protect yourself and your dear and near ones with one switch. Order the add-on of the first importance for your home – the UV disinfection lamp!


Be attentive and do not believe all the myths about soap, high-temperature processing, and other legends! Be responsible for your health and do not count on the old, inefficient methods against germs. Remember that soaps and other cleaning substances can do away with dirt but some bacteria and infectious microorganisms remain even on the just-washed laundry.

The heat-treat also does not bring a 100% result. High temperatures remove some of the hostile agents but not all of them. That is why sunshine cannot be considered as the source of sterilizing treatment as well. Various pollutants are not afraid of all of the mentioned above sterilization methods. Scientists call the ultraviolet disinfection lamp one of the most effective ways to remove about 99 % of bacteria from any surface! That is why only UV sanitizer bags can become your reliable assistant in the anti-germ struggle. 


The revolutionary technology for the disinfection of pocket-size and larger objects is proven by healthcare representatives. The ultraviolet sterilization kills over 99% of bacteria from different surfaces. The large UV bag sterilizer provides perfect results and protects the health of its users.

The sanitizing session lasts 3 minutes and removes all the harmful microorganisms from toys, clothes, underwear, kitchen and manicure utensils, face masks, etc. Now it is the fastest solution on the market to take into account. 

Additionally, the battery-operated UV sanitizer is safe and easy-operational. The disinfection box should be closed during the session. Sterilization ends automatically due to the built-in  3-minute timer. It is a risk-free procedure that improves your health!

The Major Features of the UV-C Disinfection Portable Pack Bag

Long-life UV LED Bulbs

The UV bag is equipped with 12 LED bulbs that have a long-lasting lifespan (10.000 hours of work). These bulbs provide needful illumination for the qualitative disinfection of various essential objects.

The Safe Magnet for Risk-Free Sanitizing Sessions

The UV sanitizer bag for home and outdoor use obtains the special magnet for users’ comfort. It provides risk-free sanitizing sessions because the device is closed easily and does not bring incommodity.

The Built-In Battery Covered by the Aluminium Film

The battery is safely placed at the top of the UV-C sanitizer bag. It is covered by the aluminum film to secure the built-in rechargeable battery from leaks. Your sanitizing sessions are out of danger!

The Universal USB cable Comes Fitted With the UV Bag

Users can run the disinfection process both indoors and outdoors. The UV bag is plugged with the help of the USB cable to any charging unit – PC, power bank, laptop, etc. Plug the sanitizing device and start sterilization!

The High-Grade Disinfection of Any Surfaces

The Sanitizer for Cell Phones and Other Gadgets

Experts state that gadgets obtain the dirtiest surface among all our essential things. Use the sanitizer bag for disinfection of any electronic devices. The capacity of the sanitizing box allows to sterilize both smartphones and tablets. It is a good UV sanitizer for iPads and electronic barber utensils as well.

The High-Level Disinfectant of Children’s Appliances

Kids’ immune systems are very susceptible to infections, viruses, microbes, and other pollutants. That is why the disinfection of children’s utensils is required. Use this sanitizing bag as the UV-C bottle sanitizer every day. Your fast sterilization of dummies, rattles, cups, spoons, and other children’s things.

Your Assistant in the Struggle Against Bacteria on the Toys

Children spend the most of their time with their favorite toys. It is not a secret that soft bears, elephants, and other fluffy friends are the perfect dust and microbe collectors. In comparison with sterilizing models by Homedics UV-Clean, this soft bag on-the-go sanitizer removes all the germs from the kids’ toys.

he Best Disinfectant for Underwear and Clothes

The washing machine does not remove all the harmful particles and microbes from our laundry. This is the perfect way to make your underwear and clothes really clean. Place the UV sanitizer in the bathroom and disinfect not only your hands after walks but favorite jeans and blouses as well. Use these portable lights for clothes and be out of danger to be infected.

16 reviews for UV-C Sanitizer Bag

  1. Admin

    I am a young mother of a two-year-old girl and the cleanliness of my child’s things is very important for her health. Every minute she needs attention because she pulls into her mouth everything that she will catch in her hands. At first, I washed everything but then a friend advised this sanitizer and my life became easier. I disinfect many daughter’s pacifiers, rattles, toys, bibs, and clothes. It is very fast and convenient.

  2. Admin

    I have presented this sanitizing box to my parents. They are rather old, 68 and 74 years old. Now all their gadgets, knives, spoons, TV remote control, comb are completely cleaned in this bag. It is also important that use is very simple for their age. They turn on the device through an outlet, but we tried it at home through USB on a laptop.

  3. Admin

    My name is Sara and I love traveling with friends and tents in the forest. This UVC light bag came in handy for me because I have a power bank to charge my devices. Thanks to Healthlab for the perfect disinfectant!

  4. Admin

    My girlfriend loves cleanliness. Yesterday I bought this device for outdoor disinfection of dishes, glasses, forks. Sara is glad about my purchase. Now microbes will not find us anywhere.

  5. Admin

    I bought this UV-C sanitizer box instead of a poor quality sanitizer my sister gave me for disinfection. The previous model CASETiFY did not work well, it was too small and the lid did not close completely. Here I like the magnet and double-sided zipper. Also, the security system will not turn on the lamps without a tightly closed cover. I have 3 children and safety is very important. I want to buy a second item so that I can disinfect things on the trip. I like convenient charging through USB because it is very comfortable for the car.

  6. Admin

    Very cool! We bought such a bag with UVC lamps for a gift, and we liked the fast delivery. We waited a few days because not all companies send goods to our region in Ohio. Thank Healthlab for the reliable packaging, the UV-C sanitizer bag arrived without defects. Thank you!

  7. Admin

    I have a private kindergarten and take children with special needs. Child safety and cleanliness in the rooms is very important for us, so we bought this device to remove germs from toys, dishes, handkerchiefs, clothes, caps, and more. We really like the result. Most of all I liked the speed of disinfection and the spaciousness of this case.

  8. Admin

    After a viral illness, I carefully clean all the things that come into contact with my husband. I disinfect all objects in the house with special means. And for work, we bought him this sanitizer. Now I’m sure everything will be clean there as well. There is a slight problem with a zipper but possibly we pulled it too sharply. The husband fixed it and the zipper works well. We have had such a problem before but it could be corrected at home fast.

  9. Admin

    We have been waiting for this package longer than it was expected. But it was my fault because I had specified an incorrect address. This is a small inconvenience and not a big problem… Nevertheless, the sanitizer is great. Disinfection is very fast and the volume of the bag is huge and it allows us to sterilize even soft toys of our son.

  10. Admin

    I work in a private clinic as a dermatologist. I bought this bag to sterilize medical devices. First, I thought that such a quick disinfection session is not enough for absolute cleanliness. But now my skepticism is gone. I like the automatic timer here. While I fill out documentation, my tools are sanitized.

  11. Admin

    I received this device quickly but there is a problem with the internal backlight. I accidentally hit it when I put it in the car. One of these days I’ll fix it. The concept and design are very cool! The volume is sufficient for disinfection towels, my nephew’s toys, drinking bottles, clothes, etc.

  12. Ruslan Chornyi

    Very good one


    Bought 20 pcs for our medical office a few moths ago and all of them work as described. We have a test laboratory in our facility and I can confirm of the product effectiveness.

  14. John

    Bought 20 pcs for our medical office a few moths ago and all of them work as described. We have a test laboratory in our facility and I can confirm of the product effectiveness.

    • Ruslan Chornyi

      Thank you for your kind review!

  15. Tawanna

    I read a lot of posts here. Probably you spend a whole lot of time writing, Thanks for sharing!

    King regards,
    Thomassen Duke

  16. Gilda

    Wonderful post and I really appreciate your hard work.

    King regards,
    Balle Cannon

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