Sanitizer for Phones, Keys, Valet | Kills Bacteria & Viruses

Sanitizer for Phones, Keys, Valet | Kills Bacteria & Viruses

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  • The highly efficient double-acting 360° sterilization. The all-sides surface cleansing takes place with the help of UVC Light Disinfection & Deep Penetration Ozone Disinfection technology utilization.
  • 99.9% of bacteria and other hostile agents are removed. The 9.5-inch sanitizer is capacious and can be used both for cell phone disinfection and other pocket-size objects (face masks, makeup tools, toothbrushes, watches, keys).
  •  Compatibility with all the modern smartphone models. The sanitizer disinfects any iOS or Android devices. The high-grade sterilization for Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro, XR, Samsung Galaxy S20, S10, and other entries or earlier versions.
  • USB charging and other helpful functions for extra comfort and constant performance. The built-in option allows charging the disinfecting smartphone in a USB-cable mode. Optional functions as aromatherapy and audio broadcast.
  • Easy-to-use concept and compact size. Only 2 buttons for portable UV phone sanitizer control (Sterilize and Aromatherapy switches). It is easy-manageable and lightweight. The sanitizer can be used everywhere due to its compact size.
  • Convenient and safe payment method(CC/PayPal and others), USPS 1-4 days delivery within the USA.Also, 1 year warranty and 24/7 customer support.

The portable disinfection case for cell phones with the double-acting 360° sterilization effect is a must nowadays. It is used for qualitative sanitizing of pocket screens and different small handheld objects. You can initiate glasses disinfection or use the portable sanitizer to sterilize face masks.

It provides deep disinfection through 2pcs ultraviolet C light irradiation and penetration ozone treatment. This cleansing method is safe for human organisms. According to laboratory testing, about 99.9% of bacteria are removed with the help of this cell phone sanitizer & sterilizer. It detects various hostile microorganisms on any surface:

  • infection agents;
  • microbes;
  • viruses.

The portable UV sanitizer is very compact and lightweight (only 400 g/14.4 oz.). At the same time, it is very capacious due to its 9.5-inch sanitizing box. That is why it is compatible with all the modern smartphone models (Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro Max, XS Max, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, and other entries). The gadget is placed inside the disinfection box and is sterilized. The sanitizing process starts when the USB cable connects UV-light sanitizer for phone with PC.

Users can run disinfection anywhere they like. It can also be used outdoors, having plugged into a USB port on a laptop or power bank. The portable UV phone sanitizer provides users with gadget charging and aromatherapy. There are 2 buttons to regulate all available modes:

  • Sterilize switcher;
  • Aromatherapy switcher.

It is worth noting that UV cleansing sessions and charging can be run simultaneously. The aromatherapy mode is used singly and cannot be combined with other processes.

This portable UV phone sterilizer can become your reliable disinfection assistant! It is a must-have sterilizing item for your comfortable life, traveling, and work. Order the innovative product that will take care of your health!

Bacteria Killing Machine

Smartphone screens require regular cleansing because their surfaces contain more dirt than even average toilet seats. Nowadays people use gadgets in a nonstop mode – dirty hands touch personal devices every 5-10 minutes. To remove all the viruses and other harmful particles located on the smartphones, the special UV-C sanitizing phone case is recommended.

It kills any hostile agents located on your gadget (microbes, fungus, infections, viruses, other harmful microorganisms). The compact size, stylish design, touch screen for convenient operation are available. The high-level health protection for users is guaranteed thanks to UVC light and ozone disinfection.

There are two helpful supplementary options to take into consideration. The UV cell sanitizer has an aromatherapy mode and a USB-cable charging function. Disinfect gadgets and pocket-screen objects, charge your portable devices, and enjoy pleasant fragrances.

Cell Phone Sanitizer Charger + Aromatherapy Item

The exclusive device that can be used for various purposes at once! The UV sanitizer & cleaner has the charging option and the exceptional function of aromatherapy. Disinfect pocket-size objects, charge your smartphones with the help of USB, promote your health with aroma sessions. Add several drops of aroma oils or perfumes into the sterilizing box. There is a special section for scented liquids. Switch on the aromatherapy mode and stay pleased with pleasant fragrance!

Everything is possible using only one device! Both aromatherapy and sterilization procedures last about 5-6 minutes. It is worth noting that the disinfection and charging of gadgets take place simultaneously. Aromatherapy should be managed singly.

Improve your health, relieve pain, reduce stress with the help of the supplementary aroma option of the innovative UV sanitizer for iPhone 11 PRO Max, XR, iPad mini, and Android smartphones. Use USB charging for smartphones to be always on the line.

The Highly Efficient UV-C Light and Ozone 360° Sterilization

According to clinically-proven results, about 99.9% of bacteria are removed from smartphone screens, face masks, and other surfaces in seconds. Laboratory tests have shown the high efficiency of UV-C disinfection and ozone cleansing provided by this sterilizer iPhone & Android box. 

Multipurpose Cell Phone Cleaner & Sanitizer - Wipes All Harmful Bacterias

The perfect portable assistant for qualitative disinfection. A 100% microbe removal from any surface accompanied by additional options to select. Disinfect any pocket-size objects with the help of the iPhone and Samsung sterilizer. Put inside the capacious sanitizing box face masks, toothbrushes, scissors, pens, keys, jewelry, etc.  

Your Reliable Aroma Oil Diffuser

Enjoy pleasant fragrances at home, at work, in the hotel while traveling. The special aromatherapy mode of the phone soap 3 UV cell phone sanitizer will impress even the most existing customers. Add several drops of perfume or aroma oil and feel enjoyable scents.  

Universal Phone Charger for Smartphones

Besides qualitative disinfection and beneficial aromatherapy option, the phone soap 3.0 UV sanitizer contains the charging mode. The USB cable connects UV-light sanitizer with PC, laptop, or power bank. Charge your smartphone and disinfect it simultaneously!  

User-Friendly Design and High-Level Compatibility
  • The user-friendly design and easy-operation are remarkable features of this disinfecting unit.
  • It is compact but compatible with all today’s smartphone models and hot-entry gadgets at the same time. The 9.5-inch sterilizing box capacity is enough for the disinfection of any device.
  • Use UV sanitizer for iPhone XR, iPhone 11, 11 Pro Max, XS Max, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, S10, and other entry models or earlier smartphone versions.
Absolute Cleaning for 6 Minutes of UV Sanitizer Work
  • The sanitizer box is fitted with the high-durable UVC lamp that produces illuminations for bacteria, harmful microorganisms, infection agents, and virus absolute removal.
  • According to laboratory testing and scientists’ research, 100 % protection is guaranteed. About 99.9 % of bacteria are dismissed through one UV-C sanitizing session. 
  • Leave your smartphone or other hand-held objects (keys, hair comb, etc.) in the sanitizing box and wait for six minutes. Now your gadget or any other pocket-size are set free from bacteria!
Double-Acting UV-C Disinfection for the Maximal Effect
  • This device obtains two UV-C lamps that provide ultraviolet light for disinfection. The double-acting effect is gained this way. Any object passes the 360 sterilization.
  • You need to put a smartphone or other handheld object inside the sanitizing box and cover it. Plug it in and switch in the disinfection mode.
  • All the processes stop automatically. You will see the green-color indicator in 6 minutes of sterilization. Your health is under protection if you use this cell phone sanitizer & sterilizer. Disinfect your pocket screens and other hand-held objects to set free from infections and viruses!

14 reviews for Sanitizer for Phones, Keys, Valet | Kills Bacteria & Viruses

  1. Admin

    I purchased this for the Pandemic to keep all my belongings sanitized. Keys, Phone, mask and so on.
    The skeptical part about buying one of these is DOES IT WORK? I really could not tell you do to not being a scientist. you have to close the lid and not sure what is doing under the lid. I use it everyday since I received it. I will tell I like the Min timer with the Voice when it starts and win it ends. the voice is a female and its sounds and acts like something out of a Futuristic movie. I have had no Problems and it seems to be ding the trick.

  2. Admin

    Intuitive design. Stick what you want in, close the lid, press the Go button, wait five minutes and you’re done. If you’re in a rush five minutes does feel like a bit of time, but I suppose that is the cost of sanitation these days. On the other hand, put your keys in there every time you get home and you’ll never forget where you left your keys!

  3. Admin

    Nifty little device! We love that it talks to you to tell you it is done and when it is powering off, and the fact that we can use it to charge our device. We definitely can’t be certain if it truly sterilizes the phone but it’s kind of a peace of mind thing and we are happy with it! Very easy to operate.

  4. Admin

    I was looking for a way to keep my phone germ free as I use day and night it gets handled a lot. This product is very straightforward, iplace my phone inside, press sterilization, 5 minutes later it has done its job. I like the audible alert it gives off when it starts as well as completes. This is the only function I use. It also has an aromatherapy option as well as a Bluetooth speaker that I don’t use.

  5. Admin

    This phone sanitizer is just perfect for this days every time after i go out with my phone right away when I come home I put it in the phone cleaner I feel mach more safe very happy with my purchase

  6. Admin

    I love how easily and quickly this works. I drop in my keys or cellphone and within a few minutes, everything is sanitized. This sure beats having to use disinfectant wipes often on my items.

  7. Admin

    I love this gadget for my phone, keys, kids devices and whatever we can fit in it. When company comes over we put their belongings in it just to be safe nowadays with the COVID it is great to have. I recommend to everyone.

  8. Admin

    Very Good quality.This sterilizer helps me to sterilize all my daily need items like Mobile, Mask, Currency, jewellery, watch, airpods and other accessories. Disinfecting all these accessories has never been easier . I like it coz theres also an option if you wanna use an aromatherapy while sanitizing the item. Would highly recommend it.

  9. Admin

    Appears to work as advertised. Easy to plug in. Easy to use. Wish there was a way to test it’s efficacy. But from what I can see, it works well.

  10. Admin

    Start off with customer service, which is excellent, other big companies could take lessons from this company. The device is great i use for my phone and my car keys. It is easy to use, feels sturdy. While I have no means to verify if it is killing bacteria or viruses, I am choosing to believe that it does. I am very happy with this. LOVE IT.

  11. Admin

    This is a great sterilization system that is roomie enough all phones, keys, many personal items that need sterilization. So quick and easy, I’ve used this every day since I’ve gotten it. Great for this pandemic.

  12. Admin

    Way bigger than I was expecting, so it fits a variety of phones (and I’ve been using it for keys, sunglasses, mini wallet, etc.). Better safe than sorry!

  13. Admin

    I love that this fits my phone and other things like keys to help keep my items germ free and safe.

  14. Admin

    I love it! Works great and I’ve used it every day since getting it. Makes me feel so much better about things since I can now sanitize my phone and masks…especially with Covid as bad as it is

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