How Does UV Light Kill Bacteria

All About Ultraviolet Irradiation That Provides Disinfection Effect

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Nowadays humanity faces the real problem of the mass coronavirus infection. COVID-19 pandemic is a global problem that pinned down people to think about their hygiene more carefully. Scientists and healthcare experts continue to investigate various methods of effective disinfection to prevent new cases of infection. One of the most efficient ways to do away with germs is ultraviolet light. How does UV light kill bacteria?

Ultraviolet irradiation differs and provides an absolutely diverse effect. To answer the question about disinfection through UV rays and their illumination in sanitizing purposes, it is necessary to take a look at all the types of UV wavelength and other aspects.

UV Rays – Types, Differences, Effect

Sunshine provides illumination of a different wavelength. Scientists mark out three types of UV rays: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. They bring different penetration and affect all the surfaces, human skin, water, etc. According to the wavelength longevity, UV light effect on bacteria can vary.

UV Light Effect on Bacteria

UV-A Rays

These rays have the longest wavelength (320-400 nm). They make up about 95% of the total ultraviolet irradiation on our planet. People do not benefit from UV-A rays because the human skin is highly affected by this type of irradiation and reacts with premature aging and pigmentation.

It means that UV-A is not UV light that sanitizes. This ultraviolet irradiation can bring vitamin D and other microelements like rays of other wavelengths and contribute to our health this way. But at the same time, long-wavelength rays harm human skin much. Some healthcare experts note that this type of ultraviolet irradiation can cause skin cancer besides the pleasant tanning effect.

UV-B Rays

These rays obtain a wavelength of 290-320 nm and provide a similar effect like UV-A ones. But the main feature of this ultraviolet irradiation is its fluctuating conforming to seasons. UV-B rays cause sunburns in most of the cases that lead to skin cancer development. Modern dermatologists recommend using special sunscreens to prevent any negative effects brought by the medium-wavelength ultraviolet rays.

As can be seen, no effect on bacteria produced by UV light of this type. Both UV-A and UV-B radiation is harmful in high dosage for human health. Especially, our skin suffers from sunburns and pigmentation when long and medium wavelength radiation takes place. It is worth noting that a small dosage produces a beneficial effect alternatively. UV-B light is used for the treatment of temporary and chronic forms of skin conditions.

UV-C Rays

This ultraviolet light is the only one that provides the exceptional germicidal effect. The shortest wavelength in 100-290 nm does not reach Earth surfaces, so it cannot be obtained in a natural way outdoors as other types of rays. Nevertheless, this UV light sanitizes all the surfaces around us. It kills about 99.9% of:

  • microbes;
  • fungus;
  • allergens;
  • bacteria;
  • virus and infectious agent.

That is why modern disinfectants based on ultraviolet technology use UV-C irradiation as the prime non-chemical approach against germs. Sterilization takes place fast and does not harm human health.

How Does Short-Wavelength UV Light Sanitize?

Healthlab offers customer innovative UV-C disinfectants that do away with all possible germs and other harmful agents. All the sterilizing products are equipped with lamps that produce UV-C irradiation. This way the UV light sanitizes surfaces of any type:

  • glass;
  • wood;
  • metal;
  • fabric;
  • resin;
  • stone;
  • plastic.

It is worth noting that the disinfection process is easy-operational. It does not require some long-term preparation and other advanced arrangements. UV-C sterilization is notable with its low maintenance. Having switched sanitizing lamps, users will get a certain dosage of ultraviolet light that is necessary for qualitative disinfection. One session against germs will take several minutes or even less time.

How Does UV Light Kill Bacteria

This is a proper answer on how does UV light kill bacteria without any risk for human health. Additionally, UV-C light does not cause skin cancer and other conditions that can be developed in response to UV-A and UV-B irradiation.

How Does UV Light Kill Bacteria on Cell-Phones and Other Objects?

One of the most demandable portable objects that need constant sterilization is a cell phone. People use pocket screens very often. Somebody prefers to work on gadgets, others – read books, chat with friends, take photos, call, and text. Our dirty hands touch cell phones after public places like restaurants, toilets, buses, markets.

Any mobile screen contains numerous germs on its surface. Scientists invented UV-C disinfection technology long ago but one century ago such sanitizing stations were stationary. They were placed in hospitals to treat tuberculosis patients and other ill people. Now, it is possible to purchase a portable disinfectant that produces sufficient UV light effect on bacteria and kill these germs.

Any object can be cleansed with the help of UV-C sanitizers. Healthlab is an official distributor of such helpful products for your life without infections and viruses. Mobile phones, toys, spoons, baby’s bottles, and other things will become clean right after the first ultraviolet session.

What UV-C Sterilizers to Buy?

Healthlab offers qualitative and safe disinfectants for any purpose. If you want to sterilize pocket-size objects like keys, gadgets, pens, toothbrushes, jewelry, and so on, select portable UV-C sanitizers for cell phones. The capacity of this disinfection box will be enough for the fast cleansing of small but very essential things.  

If you would like to feel comfortable in public places and travel risk-free, buy a sanitizing wand. Direct the UV-C light on the surface you want to disinfect and wait up the automatic switcher turns off the device. You may sterilize door handles, toilet seats, tables and chairs in the cafe, etc.  

But if you are searching for the sanitizing device for big objects, order a capacious disinfection bag with several UV-C bulbs built in the lid. You will be pleased with the first results when your clothes, footwear, children’s toys, and other things become free from bacteria.

UV Light Sanitize

Make the difference right today. See the true value of UV-C irradiation technology for cleansing. Select the most appropriate disinfectant model and live out of danger to be infected or catch another virus condition! Protect your family and take care of your health every day!