How Dirty Are Cell Phones

All the Truth about Your Pocket Screens and Their Cleanliness Factor

According to the latest statistics, about 3 billion people have mobile phones. One more research states that on average everyone spends more than 3 hours a day with pocket screens in hands. Gadgets became the most essential thing for people of any age. But could you even imagine how dirty your cell phones are?

If you check new notifications every 2-3 minutes and touch your censor screen with your hands after public toilet, bus ride, supermarket, door handles of the bank, and so on, it is not surprising that there are many bacteria on your phone.

Content of Germs on Cell Phones

It does not matter if you are an owner of the last mobile entry with all the hot-topic features or you push buttons on the back-away early model.  Your device has 18 times more microbes than any public restroom! Scientists state that the smartphone is the dirtiest thing we use every day.

How Dirty are Cell Phones

Yes, it is not a public door handle or toilet seat in the restraint or school canteen. This is our lovely pocket screen that solves numerous tasks in one click. We order goods, call friends and relatives, send messages to our colleges, initiate video meetings with partners, etc. There is not any man who would sanitize his hands every time he touches his mobile phone.

According to the research handled by the group of healthcare specialists from the University of Michigan School of Public Health, there are about 17 thousand germ gens on the average touch screen. It means that pocket screens obtain a dozen times more microbes than:

  • Bus and toilet seats;
  • Door handles;
  • Park benches;
  • Underground grab-handles;
  • Canteen tables and chairs.

Why It Is Dangerous for Human Health?

It is worth noting that human skin contains numerous microorganisms that can be both pathogenic and harmless for the immune system. Nevertheless, all bacteria on phones can proliferate and even morph into a new dangerous form.

Even if you disinfect your hands regularly and wash them more often, germs that live and reproduce on the surface of your pocket device can become the main reason of infection, virus, and other conditions.

Germs on Cell Phones

Natural bacteria that are accepted by the human organism as undangerous agents and skin oil will never bring illnesses. But there are numerous other harmful microorganisms that can affect the human immune system when it is weak and is not ready for the struggle against diseases. For example:

  • Norovirus;
  • Hepatitis B;
  • Influenza, etc.

This list can be complemented with other infections that propagated through contaminated surfaces or direct contact with infected people. Tuberculosis, pneumonia, and other dangerous illnesses are also caused by pathogenic germs on cell phones.

Bacteria on Phone

Extra Bacterial Growth on Mobile Phones

Viruses, parasites, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms are located on your pocket devices. They propagate fast in humid and dark conditions. People usually store their portable devices in their pockets, bags, and other places that are considered the perfect environment for the generation of bacteria on the phone

Spores of infectious germs that cause botulism live on any surface and multiply in hot and wet conditions two times faster. Germs that produce such unpleasant conditions as toxication and toxicoinfection grow fast on the mobile screens, and are not afraid of chemicals, acids, and other common types of sterilization. Now you can imagine how dirty your cell phones are!

General Faults People Do Every Day

One more case to be mentioned is when the smartphone uses more than one person. For example, one has to make a call and asks his friend about this service. The chance to be infected increases because other bacteria genes appear on the pocket screen. The surface becomes dirtier each time someone else contacts with the mobile phone. 

The consequences of this situation can be unpredictable because another person can bring to the owner of the gadget some infectious agents and pollutants that cannot be eliminated by his immune system. In such a case, the only victim will be the man who landed the phone because his organism did not manage to defeat harmful germs. The borrower can even do not notice some health conditions because his immune system will do away with harmful microorganisms.

The only way to prevent infectious processes is the disinfection of gadgets. But in most cases, it is possible to decrease the risk of coming down with any infectious condition. Simple hygiene rules will help people stay out of danger of viruses and contagious conditions:

  1. Put away your gadget in public places. Germs on the cell phones appear because of bacteria exposure and transferring microbes to the pocket screens through your dirty hands.
  2. Never use mobile phones in the bathroom or restroom. Even if you have already washed your hands, your touchpad and screen are full of bacteria. Your hands become dirty right after the first contact with your pocket device.
  3. Use qualitative disinfectants to sanitize your smartphone. We do not mean standard wet wipes that can alert only 5-10% of microbes. The most efficient way to defeat 99.9% of germs and other infectious agents is using UV-C sanitizers.

The Most Effective Way of Smartphone Disinfection

Healthlab offers various models for the highly efficient disinfection of smartphones, tablets, pocket-size objects like keys, pens, jewelry, watches, and other essential things. The UV-C technology that is used in our sanitizing devices removes 99.9 of bacteria from any surface. Sterilizing cases for gadgets also include the aromatherapy option for pleasant aroma diffusion. Other supplement options to take into consideration are:

  • Smartphone charging option (with the help of the USB cable or wireless);
  • Voice prompts for maximal comfort;
  • Built-in battery for cable-free operation. 

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