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UVC Sanitizers for Gadgets

We keep hold of our smartphones round the clock. We call, chat, take photos, check social media notifications nonstop. That is why our gadgets can be considered the dirtiest thing that we use every day. There are millions of germs on the surface of pocket screens.

These microbes can harm our health and bring dangerous diseases. Protect yourself with the help of portable UVC mobile sanitizers that kill 99.9% of microbes from the surface of gadgets, keys, medical masks, etc. Disinfect any pocket-size objects in the compact Healthlab sanitizing boxes within seconds.

UVC Light Bag Sanitizer

At the same time, we need to disinfect not only hand-held objects that we use every day. The UVC sanitizer bag comes to the rescue. If you take care of your health and want to protect your dear and near ones from microbes and other harmful agents, this sterilizing model from Healthlab is required to be bought. The capacity of the disinfectant is enough to sanitize toys, clothes, children’s bottles, accessoires, dishes, etc.

The efficient technology of ultraviolet irradiation is used to remove 99.9% of germs from any surface. Keep in safe your life and secure your family from infections!


Original Medical Lamps

Healthlab offers only licensed original medical lamps. The range of UVC products includes treatment models for dermal conditions and efficient sanitizers of various sizes and capacities for consumers’ comfort and high-level health protection.

A 1-Year Warranty

We provide UVC treatment lamps and UV light sanitizers with a one-year warranty life. Healthlab is a reliable supplier of high-quality models for medical and disinfection purposes. Our clients can count on the guarantee period of the product exploitation and a qualitative customer service.

Daily Shipment

Healthlab guarantees in-time shipment of any item. We send UV sanitizing boxes, treatment ultraviolet lamps, and other available products on a day-to-day basis. Our customers never outwait their orders. The Healthlab team always informs about shipment time schedules and meets these deadlines.

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According to the laboratory tests and the latest research studies, ultraviolet irradiation with wavelength from 10 nm to 400 nm is highly efficient for disinfection of any surfaces. The UVC light is used in all the Healthlab models to provide willing customers with qualitative sterilization.

The ultraviolet treatment lamps are suitable for home-based sessions against various dermal conditions. Find an appropriate item in our catalog and set free from germs, infections, fungus, and illnesses. Our task is to satisfy your needs and improve your health every day!


Is UVC light efficient for disinfection?

Yes. Ultraviolet light that is used as the main source for sterilization of different objects is effective. This fact is proved by laboratory tests and results of comprehensive research work. Healthlab offers UV lamps that produce effective irradiation for sterilization of different objects.

The product range also includes UVC sanitizing wands, disinfection boxes for gadgets and pocket-size objects, and capacious sterilization bags with UVC lamps for bigger things to cleanse.

What surfaces do the UVC sanitizers remove microbes from?

All available sterilization models are suitable for disinfection of any surfaces. 99.9% of germs are removed from wooden tables, fabric sofas, gadgets, medical masks, metallic door handles, animals' fur, children's silicon dummies, etc. It should be noted that the UVC light sanitizing session is possible only for dry objects. Additionally, sanitizers should not be used for human skin disinfection.

Would bacteria be killed from the surface if the UVC lamp does not spotlight on it?

Yes. First, most of the Healthlab sanitizing models provide 360° UVC illumination that offers all-sided disinfection. Secondly, besides ultraviolet irradiation, the deep penetration ozone disinfection is used. It removes any germs from any surface together with ultraviolet light.

Can these sanitizers kill coronavirus?

Yes, Ultraviolet light or ozone can remove coronavirus particles. Besides that, UVC sanitizers of all the models remove other infectious microorganisms, viruses, and microbes.

How can I check the efficiency of the portable UVC disinfectants myself?

The result is visible through the microscope. You can observe under the microscope your gadget or other object before disinfection and after it. You will see that there are no germs on the surface right after the first sanitizing session. One more idea for those who want to check the efficiency by their own experience is to put inside the sterilization box one slice of mouldy bread.

You will see that musty germs are killed and the mould does not widespread anymore. This experiment can be done with the UVC wand as well. Just switch on the sanitizing device and point it at the slice of bread.


My name is Julia and I would like to thank Healthlab for the perfect sanitizer box for my iPhone! It is awesome that the disinfection session and charging can be held simulteneously! My best friend has already ordered the same model. You are the best!
My son is a 15-year-old typical teenager. He uses his cell phone nonstop. I heard that the touch screen is dirtier even than the toilet in the public place! So I bought him this portable UVC sanitizer for gadgets. I could not even imagine that he would like it so much! It is compact and stylish, Mike takes it to school every day.
I decided to buy this sanitizing device for work. I saw the same model on Instagram but that sanitizerd did not contain the aromatherapy option. I am glad with such a multipurpose device. I sterilize my phone several times a day and even use the disinfection box as a charger. It is comfortable. In the evening I like to enjoy aromatherapy while reading. I am satisfied!
I highly recommend this cell phone sanitizer for everyone. I have a very poor immune system. Almost every month I catch a cold or even the flu. I decided to buy a sterilizing box for the most essential things. It is cool that right after coming home I can disinfect keys, jewelry, my phone, watch - everything that was in contact with my dirty hands. After a month of constant use, I have felt ill not once!
Awesome thing for sure! I saw this device on the Healthlab site. The delivery was very fast. By the way, I was lucky to purchase the sanitizer at a discount! Now I use my portable disinfectant every day. It is convenient to put my Samsung Galaxy S9 into the box and use it like the smartphone case.
I am a doctor and I understand well the efficiency of UVC disinfection. My husband bought this UV cellphone sanitizer for me two weeks ago. It is a perfect sanitizing device for me when I contact ill people and need to take a call immediately. I even cannot count how often I use the sanitizer every day. Maybe 20 times or even more. Today I am going to try aromatherapy!
Everything is OK. I can sincerely recommend this UVC phone sanitizer to everyone. A perfect charger, disinfectant, and diffuser all in one. My wife adores arranging aromatherapy at home. She takes the box and adds several drops of citrus or equalipt oil. As for me, I am a practical person and can estimate its main options - smartphone disinfection and charging option. These features are top, thanx.
I was waiting for my parcel with the UV sanitizer for a week. Then I decided to call Healthlab managers to know where my order is. It was my fault, I mentioned the wrong address. Not a very pleasant experience of long waing. That’s all. No negative aspects more. The mobile sanitizer works perfect. I like its 2-button operational mode. Nothing complicated but such a useful thing!
I asked my parents to present it for my Birthday. It’s a pity but we went on the trip to Miami before the parcel came. Nevertheless, then I was in the seventh heaven. It is very spacious because my iPhone MAX is put inside it without any problems. The charger is good and comes in handy almost every day.
My girlfriend missed the cable for charging. We needed to buy new but it was not a difficult challenge because it is s standard USB one. We use the UV sanitizer together. I saw on the Healthlab website other disinfectants and now think about new purchases for home sanitizing sessions.

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Healthlab is the reliable provider of sanitizing and treatment items. The most efficient technology of ultraviolet irradiation is used. The UVC light together with ozone penetration are effective for absolute disinfection of any surface. All the goods supplied to consumers are licensed. Each available model meets international standards. We take care of the safety of our clients and provide only high-grade products!

We aim to make your life out of danger of infections, viruses, and other illnesses. You deserve comfortable travelling , work, leisure time free from bacteria and other harmful agents. According to the latest laboratory tests, our portable sanitizers for gadgets and pocket-size objects, disinfection wands and bags remove 99.9 % of germs from wooden, metallic, glass, and other surfaces.

We are proud to be the leading company in our niche. Numerous thankful customers and hundreds of new willing purchasers is the best item of evidence that we move in the right direction! Our values are transparent and stubborn:

  • We value our clients and provide an individual approach to each customer.
  • We provide qualitative goods and one-year warranty for all the product range.
  • Our dedicated team provides the high-level Customer Support.
  • We never break deadlines and deliver orders on time.
  • Our company is a reliable assistant for health protection-minded people.

Nowadays it is necessary to pay attention to sterilization of essential things, gadgets, and other objects. Do not endanger your family! Be responsible for your health and the health of your dear and near ones! Disinfection at home is possible with Healthlab. We are ready to unveil the myth about inefficient sterilization outside of hospitals, clinics, and other specialized places.

We are ready to help you with home-based disinfection because all our models are suitable for immediate sterilization of any goods. Bacteria, viruses and infectious microorganisms are killed from the first UVC session.

You can count on us as on the experienced experts. Healthlab has the best staff that is competent in any questions concerning disinfection, UVC light anti-germ effect, and our product range. Contact us to pick sides with the most optimal sanitizing item (portable cell phone sanitizer, sterilizing wand, or disinfection bag) you need for everyday sterilization.

Infectious agents and microbes surround us everywhere. We sell those sanitizers that are safe for electronic devices, animals’ fur, children’s clothes, dummies, bottles, etc. Everything for our clients who want to feel secure about their kids, relatives, friends, pets. Our modern disinfectants will come in handy at home, at work, in public places, while travelling. Your happiness and well-being starts with your good health!