On Feb. 16, 1991, James J. Moore, 72, and Stella Bolton, 68, were stabbed to death in their Portsmouth home. Eva's body was only 500 feet from where Mary Elizabeth Critchley's remains had been discovered. Mrs Schallamach received a handwritten letter sent from France from someone, allegedly called Helen, stating she and Mr Schallamach had run off together. But there are a few fun ones, or instances that occurred so long ago that the passage of time allows us to ask, How in the world did this happen?. CONCORD, N.H. - A person of interest in the unsolved murders of a couple in Concord, New Hampshire last spring is now under arrest in Vermont . She had been suffocated and strangled. She left behind money, clothing, and other personal effects. Kim Barker felt a loss of security when 22-year-old college student Shelli Wiley was brutally murdered in 1985 in Laramie. On July 12, 1973, two fifteen-year-old girls from Merrimack, AnnePsaradelis and Diane Compagna, went missing. Its a nice place, New Hampshire. Mr Horsman was a known visitor to the Trinity Centre and Winchester Churches Nightshelter and regularly seen with friends in the underpass beneath the station. Louise Chaput, 52, stabbed to death on trail in Pinkham Notch. Unsolved Murders NH. A 39-year-old Jacksonville man charged with raping and murdering a New Hampshire woman was arraigned in Dublin, N.H., on Friday, 11 years after the victim's body was found in the bathtub of her home. Whether its strange creatures in the woods, bizarre sounds in the night or supposed curses, the Granite State was the site of a vast array of unsolved mysteries. Like you know, I don't know, I don't have the words to say that what exactly happened on that trail and who killed shampoo remains *** mystery. "She was generally active. According to the victim list, the unit is has 94 unsolved homicides, 15 suspicious deaths and nine missing people to investigate. And so we don't want witnesses hearing information that's known to the investigation. Contrast this with the 0 murders per 100,000 people being the Corcord, New Hampshire, murders rate in2018 and the 239.14 violent crimes per 100,000 residents being the violent crime rate in Concord, New Hampshire,the same year. According to Project: Cold Cases unsolved homicide statistics webpage, there were about 946 homicides in New Hampshire between 1980and 2019. He was also made subject to a lifelong Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) and must sign on the sex offenders register for life. Learn how to enroll someone in MedicaAlert + Safe Return. Read more articles on our website hampshirelive.news. Mr Salmon, who lived alone, had been missing from his home for nearly seven weeks before his body was found by a golfer. And over the years I've kept in touch with some of the detectives who worked on the case and we have talked about the case and run different ideas around and sometimes try things and unfortunately we haven't got to the point, we've been successful. "Someone must know something and I would urge anyone who does to come forward and contact the police and help put our family's minds at rest.". Her body was found on April 7, 1990 in Stark Pond in Dunbarton, NH. A police spokeswoman confirmed Hampshire Police ensured unsolved murders were reviewed. Critchley was 37 years old and a student at the University of Vermont. One after the other. In summary, violent crime, which includes assault, rape, burglary, and homicide,in New Hampshire in 2019 harmed around 152 people per 100,000 population. It's such *** horrible secret to carry. Many recent and decades-old murders in Concord, New Hampshire, have been solved, or have seen some form of resolution,and law enforcement is still looking into the few unsolved crimes. Murray had told her professors that she needed time off for a family emergency, but her family said that there was no such event. An autopsy determined that her death was a homicide as a result of long-term pattern physical abuse. Among many of the cases included on various law enforcement lists, and other public databases, are some of the many unsolved murders in northern New Hampshire, including the 1987 murder of Raymond Breault, the 1991 murder of Maurice Giguere, and the 2015 murder of David Oldham, as well as the mysterious 2004 disappearance of Maura Murray. He called 911 anyway. She said it was one of the heaviest turnouts they've ever had for a program at the library. Detectives investigated the possibility that it was a road-rage attack after receiving a sketch from an anonymous witness, detailing an angry confrontation. into the stories you've heard before, and encounter many others you haven't, in ways that actually help. Get more stories delivered right to your email. It wasn't long before authorities found shampoos, abandoned car. The autopsy conducted by the New Hampshire Medical Examiner determined Tammy Little died as a result of massive head injuries. However, she hadnt mentioned her plans to leave to anyone, including her boyfriend and her father, who had visited her at UMass just before her disappearance. Debra Horne Unsolved Homicide Year: 1969 Town: Sandown Debra Horn was eleven years old when she disappeared from her home in Allenstown on January 29, 1969. He remained in a semi-coma at Southampton General Hospital after the attack in November 2009 and sadly died on March 23, 2010. She used to say you have to earn your dinner. I think it was too difficult for him to cross the border and come with us. After around 635 of those murders were solved, the remaining 311 are still labeled as unsolved murders in New Hampshire. It was three p.m. Portable Document Format (.pdf). They said the larger of two backpacks Chaput had with her was gone, but her hiking shoes, along with her water and chocolate two things she always took hiking with her were still in the car. For example, evidence might include blood, saliva, sperm, skin cells, or other types ofDNA evidence, and evencell phone pings, but almost always includesMerrimack County murders crime scene photos, which illustrate tothe jury the atmosphere around the crime, the location of any items of evidence around the scene, and can even tell a story of what happened, and how the crime took place. New Hampshire Department of Justice33 Capitol Street | Concord, NH | 03301 DNA evidence showed that at least two of the little girls were related to the woman, and authorities believe that all four were killed at the same time, sometime between 1980 and 1984. Seven of the eight unsolved murders featured here were disclosed and published by Hampshire Police in 2018 following a Freedom Of Information Request. There is probably someone knowing something in the area and as we know, almost every murderer talks about it to someone. Updated on: October 13, 2022 / 10:32 AM / CBS Boston. She was spotted without the scar later on that morning in a different parking space. Her cause of death was ruled undetermined. If this doesnt make you want to become an investigator we dont know what will. One is we want to be able to verify the truthfulness of any information that comes to us later on. Contact In 1985, a hunter came across human remains in an overturned drum near Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown New Hampshire. He said: "He was basically a kind-hearted man who would do anything for you. Murder, She Told uses detailed storytelling with an investigative twist, and weaves in original interviews with friends, family, and . However, with seven unsolved murders, they must investigate all possibilities. Officials said all evidence indicates that the attack was random and that the killer was likely someone from the area whom Chaput didn't know. The Liaison investigators work closely with personnel from the Department of Corrections investigating a wide variety of crimes including suspicious deaths, escapes, assaults, witness tampering, drug possessions, weapons possession and introduction of contraband cases occurring within the walls of the state correctional facilities. Police officials announced on May 6 that three bodies two discovered in 1985 and a third discovered in 2000 were identified as Marlyse Elizabeth Honeychurch, 24, and her two . It's not our law. Article continues below advertisement Idaho: Joseph E. Duncan III "She liked to hike and maybe it was little exotic as it was another country, another language." Submit an Anonymous Tip. If you have any information about any of these cases please call the police department at 603-225-8600 or provide an anonymous tip to the Concord Regional Crimeline via telephone at 603-226-3100, or by filling out a "tip form" on the. Whoever killed her remains unknown. On Nov. 15, 2001, Louise Chaput, 52, drove from Sherbrooke, Quebec, to Pinkham's Grant, where she had reserved a room at the Joe Dodge Lodge at the Appalachian Mountain Club visitor center for a long weekend in the mountains. Paul Siegler grew up in Concord, NH and graduated from St. Pauls School in 1959. She was supposed to go with different friends including Marie and some other friends from Sherbrooke. 00:32:04 What Happened to Wanda Mitchell? 1978 - 1987 (speculated) Country. The New Hampshire Cold Case Unit lists more than 100 cold cases on its website -- some which date back more than 40 years. 1971 Unsolved Murders NH. Another man was seen helping Ricky carry a sign into his shop later that day. She had been suffocated and strangled. "Obviously we understand that there are other cases and it's been 20 years, but still, you know, new eyes, new eyes on the case, maybe a new detective can can see something that people didn't didn't pass by or didn't go through," Constance Chaput-Raby said. The clerk suggested a short walk around Lost Pond Trail, which began just across the street from the lodge. A few of the many northern New Hampshire unsolved murders that are listed on various law enforcement websites include the 1987 murder of Raymond Breault, the 1991 murder of Maurice Giguere, and the 2015 murder of David Oldham, in addition to the mysterious 2004 unsolved disappearance of Maura Murray. There were no credible tips or evidence found to indicate that Paul Bonin was the victim of foul play. Maybe *** guy told her something she didn't like and she answered back, you know because she definitely didn't have her tongue in her pocket. He was last seen by his family who met him at his home in Reading Road, Farnborough on April 30, 2006. Over the years numerous interviews have been conducted with friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Murder and mystery in South Carolina: A timeline of the Murdaugh family killings By Eric Levenson , CNN Updated 2:25 AM EDT, Wed September 15, 2021 Well dead was the main thing but murdered with late. He deferred comment about the case to the Attorney General's office. "I think in English, the term 'closure,' which we don't have in French, is very appropriate. The 25-year-old store clerk child was gunned down in an overnight robbery. She was the type of person would say, well I will go and I'll show you that I had *** good time. The father-of-two died a month later of a brain haemorrhage. We can tell if that person is being truthful or not. Thank you! (Image: Hampshire Constabulary/Crimewatch). From heists and capers to murders and robberies, the worlds greatest unsolved mysteries spark media frenzies that grab headlines around the globe. Pete Albert was the lead investigator in the Megan Jiminez case. Find us and message us on Facebook here and Twitter here. The telephone number of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is 1-800-THE-LOST. "Chaput's family and friends said they couldn't think of anyone who liked life more than Chaput and just want to know what happened to her. Last seen alive: Nov. 15, 2001Reported missing: Nov. 20, 2001Found dead: Nov. 22, 2001 On Nov. 15, 2001, Louise Chaput, 52, drove from Sherbrooke, Quebec, to Pinkham's Grant, where she had reserved a room at the Joe Dodge Lodge at the Appalachian Mountain Club visitor center for a long weekend in the mountains.Chaput loved the outdoors and hiking and was particularly fond of the Mount Washington Valley. Police have said a hitman could have shot Richard in a contract killing, or that he was murdered by someone with a grudge.
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