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Arrive early enough and you have the chance to enjoy the show from the front of your section. In general, at Soldier Field or other venues, bag policies regularly change to accommodate new guidelines and protocols. An exception will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection at a gate designated for this purpose. But if you have a large family and are looking to save some money on the price of your tickets, some of the better affordable options will be found in the front rows of sections 323-325. ", "On the 45-yard line, behind the Bears bench", "Great view of stage, indoor concession great plus", "Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears - Jan 8, 2023", "Great views especially for being the second cheapest seat cost in the stadium!". By purchasing a ticket or signing up, you agree to the. Concert. However, if arriving later, one of the benefits of general admission sections is that you are able to move around the floor to find the view that works best for you.Read More, Yes, you will have to stand with General Admission tickets to The Rolling Stones at Soldier Field. Chicago Bears. Home to some of the furthest views of the stage and largest seating sections, the 400 Level Grandstand is best suited for fans looking for a cheap ticket for a concert at Soldier Field. Sections have 15 rows each. Benefits: Click here to view benefits. Visiting fans should also be aware though that section 155 is an alcohol prohibited seating area, so you won't be able to bring your adult beverages from the concourse to the seats. Chicago, Theater. The safety and security of our guests and employees is our number one priority. RateYourSeats.com is not affiliated with Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NFL, the NHL, MLS, the NCAA or any of its members. The suites offer the finest amenities and personal service in an exclusive and relaxed environment. Entry tunnels are located at the top of these 15 row sections, so while the lowest rows have the furthest walks from the concourse, the difference in view is certainly worth it. Best Seats For a Concert at Soldier Field. Sections 318-326 and 348-356 are only opened for the biggest soccer matches at Soldier Field. Learn More. One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc bag or similar). The views to the game will be great as well. great view of the whole stage, the lights, the screens, and the open sky/sunset. For Chicago Fire matches, section 246 is the designated supporters section for the away team. No matter what you're looking to spend, Vivid Seats has you covered, with options for cheap Soldier Field tickets. : A) and sections closer to the beginning of the alphabet are usually closest to the stage. The suites offer the finest amenities and personal service in an exclusive and relaxed environment. Soldier Field offers a variety of unique hospitality spaces prior to or during major events to make your day even more special. This is the floor level for end-stage concert ; A1 Soldier Field (5) A2 Soldier Field (1) A3 Soldier Field (2) A4 Soldier Field (3) A5 Soldier Field (2) A6 . Soldier Field seating charts for all events including . Unfortunately these are often some of the most expensive seats for football games due to being on the lower 100 level, so be prepared for higher prices when looking for the best overall visiting fan experience. Corner sections on the south end of the stadium (117-120 and 125-128) are next to the supporters section and lead to a much louder and rowdy atmosphere. 13. seat. Families pulling for the Bears will want to opt for section 148 as this gets you closer to the home sideline and the home team entry tunnel, and will also have you near the Bears Pro Shop for picking out a souvenir. Often times you can get a idea by going to the website http://www.aviewfrommyseat.com or StubHub. The rest of the Soldier Field events schedule follows after that. You'll be close to midfield for great all around views, and Bears fans will be happy to be closer to the home team sideline. Ticket prices are in the higher range due to the superior views, so these seats are often not the best for those looking for tickets on a tighter budget. However you will have to make a choice here as the lower rows will be the more exciting option due to the proximity to the bench, but with the limited elevation above field level it can often be difficult to see portions of the field. Take note that the cheap Soldier Field tickets will be listed at the top, with more expensive options underneath. This makes GA Pit or floor seating the most desirable. Seattle, WA. On the west side of the stadium, rows 15 and up have the best views from sections 136-138, and will leave your guest in awe of having such a prime spot which is also just behind the Bears sideline. Chicago, Definitely missed out on much of the lighting on the floor but the sound was much clearer. If Soldier Field parking passes are available, check Vivid Seats for options to help you park. Help other fans and let us know! Soldier Fields primary focus is to provide all patrons and visitors a safe and enjoyable environment. Not all rows are covered - just the last 6 or 7 - but it makes a big difference on hot days and when the threat of rain is present. While not as close as 100 level sections, the Media Deck seats offer ideal raised views to the pitch. The cheapest day to go to an event at Soldier Field is Wednesday, where the average historical price for Soldier Field events is $158.36. Although among the most expensive options, ticket holders will be treated to an upscale experience which includes a luxurious climate controlled lounge, private entrances, and extra wide cushioned seats. Seat numbers will rise from left to right with seat 1 on the left side of the row. Whenever possible, you will want to avoid the 400 level sections along the west sideline if you're bringing the family to a game. Rosa Escareo, General Superintendent & CEO. A bit closer to the stage, sections 104 and 143 will have an impressive feel, but will begin to have a side view of the performance. Events Seating Charts. Luckily most performances don't feature extensive aerial pageantry, so you don't have to worry about missing much at all. North corner section will be calmer and better for families. Visit our Parking & Direction Page for up-to-date options. These are among the best sections for being protected from the elements as the 300 level hangs over the seats. On the Field: Sections Field A, Field B, Field C and Field D are Field Seats, which offer some of the closest views of the performers. Premium seating area as part of the United Club Seats; . If you opt for the 300 level club seats, just be sure to stick to rows 6 and below as these keep you closer to the entry tunnels and feel closer to the action. The tickets are really expensive, but considerably less in the 400/Grandstand section. There's been no shortage of memorable shows at Soldier Field, but here are some of the biggest and best all-time performances that music lovers will remember: Classic games. And one of the best ways to take in a show is by purchasing tickets in the Field Seats. Since the section is general admission, the best views of the stage will be first come first served. For most concerts the Soldier Field Seating Chart has the stage set up on the North end of the field. 5/7 - This is the approximate view from the back of the field for a concert at Soldier Field. Soldier Field Seating Chart Details. Conversely, the tunnel to the visitors locker room is between sections 101 and 155. This is a two-tier club level and the outdoor experience is . Benefits: Click here to view benefits. Sitting close to the Chicago Bears bench is a great chance to get up close to the players and can be a great part of a live sports experience. You won't have any coverage from the elements, however in our experience the wind tends to be much more subdued in the south endzone compared to the north. All guests will be subject to a search of their person and possessions prior to entering the stadium. There is noticeably more elevation compared to the 200 level, but not near as much as in 400 Level Grandstand seats. 7/8 - Looking down at the Media Deck on the west side of Soldier Field. Terms of Use |Privacy Policy|Do Not Sell or Share My Info | These 200 level sections are also among some of the largest sections for Chicago Fire games. Concerts at Soldier Field are becoming more and more common. The Soldier Field is known for hosting the Chicago Bears but other events have taken place here as well. Sections here are the largest of any at Soldier Field, with most featuring 37 numbered rows of seats. The other key feature here is the full coverage from the overhanging seating deck above, which keeps you much more protected from the weather than almost any other seat in Soldier Field. If you are just looking to get close to the performers and don't mind a less than ideal side view of the stage, you could consider sections 101, 103, 144, and 146. Beyonce Ticket Prices for the Upcoming Chicago Concert 7/23/23. Note: These seats are highlighted on the map, Great seats! Fans looking for covered seating for a Chicago Fire game should look at tickets in the Media Deck. 2. Sign In; Popular. Seats behind the stage are occassionally sold: Unless your main objective is to just get in the building, you'll want to completely avoid anything behind the stage - like those in/near or above sections Section 101, Section 103, Section 144 and Section 146. Sideline sections will have between 19 and 20 rows in each section. Located on the second tier of seating along the west sideline, sections here are also very small (no more than 12 rows in each) for easy access to and from the concourse. Of course with such desirable and close seating, this will cost much more and can push some fans outside of their budget. Site Map a carbonhouse experience, Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, Actions that are harmful to or endanger others, Using foul or abusive language and/or gestures, Displaying inconsiderate behavior towards others, Entering or attempting to enter the field of play, Failure to follow instructions of stadium security personnel, Entering the stadium with any prohibited items. Buy concert tickets, sports tickets, theater tickets or tickets for any other events hosted by Soldier Field and earn Rewards credit with Vivid Seats Rewards. These are the nights that have shaped the history of sports at Soldier Field. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. There is a cameraman in your view blocking about 30% of the field. The Soldier Field Guest Code of Conduct was developed for all guests attending to enjoy their experience and act responsibly. 300 Level Club SeatsSections 301-317 are the highest tier of club level seating. Soldier Field offers a variety of unique hospitality spaces prior to or during major events to make your day even more special. Some shows have only reserved reserving . For the best overall views, look for tickets in the last rows where you'll be close to the concourse and also have more elevation for superior views to the far end of the field. Select one of the maps to explore an interactive seating chart of Soldier Field. Welcome to SimpleSeats' detailed Soldier Field seating chart page. Interactive Seating Charts. If covered seats are the best for the peace of mind, look at the 200 level sections on the West side of the stadium. When seated, you'll turn to your right to see the stage. View performances. Each section has 19 rows and will be uncovered. To view an interactive Soldier Field seating chart and seat views, click the individual event at Soldier Field that you'd like to browse tickets for. Rows 12 and above in Section 105 are covered, Rows 14 and above in Section 204 are covered, Excellent seating height for watching the game, Not too high up where views are more distant, Close proximity to the 50 yard line and team benches, Further up on the lower tier for better sight lines, Comfortable straight away views of the field, Excellent viewing angles from being near mid field, Perfect combination of viewing height and distance, Excellent views right by the 50 yard line, Good viewing height near the top of the lower seating tier, Overhead coverage to keep you out of the weather, Premium amenities on the United Club level, Between the 20 yard lines for excellent viewing angles, Close to the Bears players along the sideline, Good seating height and proximity to concourse, A more private feeling on the smaller Media Deck, Small sections with a short walk to the concourse, Smaller sections for easier access to and from the seats, Excellent overhead coverage for protection from the weather, On the lower tier for less stairs to walk at the stadium, Good protection from the weather from overhanging deck above, Close to the concourse entry tunnels and not far from a family restroom, Head on view to the north endzone videoboard, Some of the cheapest tickets in the stadium, High concentration of beer vendors nearby, Section 101: Row 1 Seat 9, Row 2 Seat 10, Row 3 Seat 11, Great viewing angle down the visitors sideline, Excellent sight lines to parts of the Chicago skyline in the background, Minimal head turning and cheaper price tag. Besides for better views, the 200 level offers something the 300 level doesn't: covered seating. amazingggg seat! You won't have the same overhead coverage, but as a part of the United Club you can quickly make a trip to the upscale club level concourse to get a break from the weather when needed.